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How Do I Disable My Extensions?

If you have extensions running in Chrome, those extensions can cause the application to run incorrectly.

It is very important that you disable your extensions. Otherwise they can interfer with your project and you may experience problems.

Steps to Disable Extensions

1) Click on the icon at the top right of Chrome that looks like three lines.

Extensions 1 279x300 How To Disable Extensions?

2) Hover over tools, and click on extensions.

Extensions 2 300x247 How To Disable Extensions?


3) Then uncheck each extension.

Extensions 3 1024x681 How To Disable Extensions?


4) Then go back to your project from you projects page. If you are already in your project refresh/reload the page by clicking on the circular arrow at the top left… Your project should work much better now!

Extensions 51 1024x327 How To Disable Extensions?

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