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Google Chrome

(Downloads in Seconds)

Zachary Douglass’ online application is using the latest HTML5 technology. This means that some browsers are not able to run our application. Only Google Chrome will work with our application for now. As other browsers (like IE, Firefox, Safari) come out with the ability  to handle our application we will then allow you to use other browsers as well.

For now please click on the blue download button or link below to download Google Chrome Browser. It downloads in seconds.


Steps to Use Zachary Douglass on Google Chrome

1) Download Chrome by clicking on the blue button below or at www.google.com/chrome

2) If the the Google Chrome browser does not automatically launch, you will need to double click on the Chrome icon on your desktop

3) Once you are in Chrome, go to www.ZacharyDouglass.com and click on the yellow “Try It Now/Get Started” button. Select your product and you are on your way… Enjoy!

The Google Chrome Icon

Looks Like This

chrome icon Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome Button 300x59 Google Chrome

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is an internet browser just like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. If you have already downloaded Google Chrome but you are still directed to download Chrome then you need to actually USE Chrome. Just double click on the Chrome Icon on your desktop and type in www.ZacharyDouglass.com at the top and you are good to go!

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