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Half page funeral programs are also called funeral folders or funeral bulletins. The finished size of a half page funeral program is 4.5 x 5.5 as seen in the first image below. This smaller size can make it a bit harder to fit all the information if a lot of text and pictures are inserted into the program.

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starttoday Half Page Funeral Programs (2 up) (8.5 x 5.5)

Why Are Some Funeral Programs Called “Two-ups”?

Many people refer to this size of funeral program as “two-up” programs because two funeral programs are printed on a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper as shown below.

Printing two funeral programs to a page saves on printing and paper cost. This is the main reason why people prefer the 2-up programs. But, now that custom funeral programs can be produced with Zachary Douglass technology, many people are switching to the 1-up program size to be able to fit more pictures without crowding the program too much.

100% Customizable – Drag-and-Drop Images and Text Anywhere

Funeral Program (2-Up) Cover

starttoday Half Page Funeral Programs (2 up) (8.5 x 5.5)

Two-up funeral programs are also handy for funeral directors to store in their inside suit coat pocket. Often family members will ask for extra copies of a funeral program at the end of the service to take home. By storing funeral programs in their suit coat, funeral directors will have extra copies on hand at all times, whether they are at the grave side or in a different chapel.

Two-up funeral programs can also be produced with any size border. A 1/4 inch border is best for most printers. High-end printers will be able to go down to a 1/8 inch border. If you want to produce a borderless finished product you will either have to print on a microperfed paper which will allow you to rip off the borders or you will have to cut the edges with a stack or chop paper cutter.

Background Designs

If you do find a background, please just remember the product name so you can easily find it in the application. Cover or Inside, they are interchangeable. Covers tend to be darker than the inside where you may place text but every cover can be lightened using our tools.

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