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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Please see our frequently asked questions for an answer. If you still don’t see the answer you are looking for, use our contact form to submit your question, or you can call us at 800-551-6251 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm MST.

How To Videos & Tips

Please Make Sure to Setup Your Printer Correctly

1) Page Scaling – None (this will make your borders even all the way around)

2) Orientation – Set to landscape or portrait depending on which product you are printing

3) 2-Sided Printing – set your printer to print on both sides and flip on short or long edge depending on which funeral product you are printing (some less complex printers will not have this option. In this case, you will have to print one side at a time)

4) Color or Black/White – Set as desired

Funeral Program Printing Note:

The first setting listed above is the most important because the borders are already built for you. If you do not set your “Page Scaling” to “None” then your borders along the edge will be bigger than they should be.

If your printer is taking a long time to print between funeral programs, then your printer is probably set to colate. Uncheck the colated box and your printer will not pause between pages.

To edit an image, first upload the image. When you click on the image the tools will appear above that image. Use these tools to mask, erase, restore, fade, flip, etc. You can also drag and drop your image anywhere on the canvas. Take a peak at this video to see what our powerful yet simple photo editor can do.
You can choose from hundreds of funeral program templates (backgrounds) from our online library or you can upload your own background. Backgrounds are also very easy to edit… After you insert your desired background, simply click in the “Edit Background” box and use the tools that will appear in the top left to edit it. View this video for a visual explanation!
Zachary Douglass’ online funeral program application is very simple. First click on the “Try It Now / Get Started” button. Then follow tabs at the top left. You will select your background or upload your own background through the first tab, upload your image in the second tab, insert text in the third tab, and use the last tab to download your final PDF and print. Periodically, popup windows will also appear to guide you though the few steps. Take a gander at this video to see how it works!
Frequently Asked Questions

The red dotted lines you see in the editor are only there to help you align the images and text of your program but DO NOT get printed either in the free or paid versions of the programs created on the site.

There are 2 options for working with our site, the first is to not pay anything and just edit your program as you need and to download the free sample until you have it just how you would like it. The other option is to pay to remove the “sample” watermark on the program and then continue to login and download as often as you like. We keep the files on our site for 3 months after the creation date to allow people access to make changes.

Click on the “Contact Us” tab in the top navigation bar of the ZacharyDouglass.com website. Feel free to use our contact form to email us, we are happy to help.

Once you have designed your program and paid, the word “Sample” will be removed from your project and you can download the PDF to either print the project at home using your own printer or you can email or take the downloaded file to your local printer for them to be printed.

Yes and no. You need an internet connection so our servers can talk to your computer, but if you loose your intern connection while you are working on your project, you can keep working and our servers will be updated as soon as that connection is restored.

Yes! You can access your projects, finished or unfinished, on any computer as long as they are running the correct browser. You can even start your custom funeral project on one computer and finish it on another as long as you are logged into your account. You can also give your username and password to a friend or coworker to allow them to look at and/or finish your design.

No. You can use any computer, Mac or PC. Of course the faster and better the computer and internet connection, the fast and better our online funeral software will run. As browser technology gets better, more browsers will support this new technology. Our software currently works best in Google Chrome, but should work in Safari, and Firefox. So far we have been able to get most of the functionality working for Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) , but are still working on making our site compatible with IE9 and IE8. Some of the functions might work, but not all of them. Which ever of the browsers you are using to access the web, it is always best to check and make sure you have the most up to date version as many of the more advanced editing functions only work within the latest version of the browsers.

Yes! You can access your existing funeral project at anytime from any computer by logging into your account. From there you can make as many changes as you want. This is the beauty of our online funeral photo editing software.

starttoday After I create my final funeral product and save to a PDF, can I go back and make changes at a different time?

You can insert as many pictures as you want into the online photo editing application, however we do suggest not over crowding your project.

Sometimes extensions from Internet Explorer can be carried over to Google Chrome when it is downloaded. If you disable your Chrome extensions then you will be good to go… First click on the tool at the top right that looks like three lines Chrome Settings Why does my project get stuck on the rendering text sometimes?, then hover over “Tools” and click on “Extensions”. Next uncheck the “Enabled” boxed on any extensions that show up, and load your project again. Your project should then load as is should. For visual help on how to disable your extensions click here.

Click off of your textbox first, then click and drag, while holding down your mouse, to move it to any part of your page. If the textbox still doesn’t move then disable any extensions that might be running by following the steps in the next question below.

It’s important to understand that we defaut to a 1/4 inch border around the edge of most of our products because most printers cannot print all the way to the edge. If you want a borderless finished product then have your local printer cut off the edges for you or cut them off yourself. If you have a printer that can print closer to the edge then you can reduce the size of the border by clicking on the gear icon at the top right then click on page borders.

Once you have started a project, there isn’t currently any way to simply add more pages to an existing project. The only way to do this is to start a new project of the exact same size, then when you print, you can combine / fold them together.

Zachary Douglass.com, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Memory Park, LLC and is an online photo and text editor that allows individuals and funeral homes to create 100% custom funeral printed products.

1) Select a funeral background template (there are hundreds to choose from)
2) Edit photos, and add text all in a few clicks
3) Save and print .pdf document.

To access an existing project click on the “Login / Members Area” at the top right of this website. Then login with your email and password and find the project in the list. Remember that your products are automatically saved to our server as you create them. This means you can come back at anytime to access your project and the latest version of you product will be available. When you are finished you will also be able to download and save the final PDF file of your project to your computer. We save you project on our server for 3 months.

Our text editor is specifically built for creating funeral programs and other funeral printed products very fast. The built in dot leaders and ability to save text layouts and individual text boxes allows for new and return users to produce finished products very fast. Poems, scripture verses, quotes and any other text that is often used can be saved to your account. This means you will never have to copy and paste text between projects after you have saved it to your account. Text layouts allow you to save ALL your text boxes as a group. For example, if you have saved ten different text boxes to one layout then all you have to do is click on that layout and all the text boxes will be inserted at the same time and in the same position on both the cover and interior pages. This is a HUGE time saver!

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