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You will find our pricing is very low compared to other products of the same quality found on the internet. Also remember that you can build your project and create a sample PDF to see if you even like it before you buy it. Other websites on the internet will make you pay for a download before you even get to see the full version of it. With Zachary Douglass you get to finish your project before you buy and you can come back and make changes up to 3 months later and print unlimited copies from an immediate PDF download that you can personally take to the printers. Please click on the links below to see the pricing that best fits you as an individual or funeral home.


Funeral Memorial Programs
& Obituary Templates

2 pages unfolded / 4 pages folded
5.5 x 8.5 – $18
8.5 x11 – $18 (Most Common)
8.5 x 14 – $24
11 x 17 – $30
A4 Paper – $18

Multi-Page Funeral Memorial
Programs & Obituary Templates

4 pages unfolded / 8 pages folded
5.5 x 8.5 – $36
8.5 x11 – $36
8.5 x 14 – $48
11 x 17 – $60
A4 Paper – $36


All Sizes – $6

Prayer Cards

All Sizes – $14

Funeral Home Pricing

For those people, mostly funeral homes and small business, we have found it best to use a credit system to purchase products at a discounted rate. We discount all products from 50% or more to those that use credits to purchase their products. Also, as you buy more credits upfront you will get an even greater discount. For even greater discounts on monthly pricing please get in contact with us. See Credit Pricing

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