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Memorial bookmarks are also known as funeral bookmarks. They are a great way to remember and celebrate a loved ones life. Obituaries, peoms, scripture verses, and quotes are often used on the back of the memorial bookmark. If desired, additional text can be placed on the front of the bookmark as well. See more memorial bookmark examples below.

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Funeral Bookmarks

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starttoday Memorial Bookmarks

Funeral Bookmarks are usually printed 4-up or 2-up to a page. Below is an example of what a 4-up and a 2-up memorial bookmark would look like after our application generates the finished PDF. The standard size of a memorial bookmark is 2.75 x 8.5 inches.

Memorial Bookmark (4-Up)

Funeral Bookmark (4-up)

Memorial Bookmark (2 – Up)

Funeral Bookmark (2-up)

starttoday Memorial Bookmarks

Both the 4-up and the 2-up memorial bookmarks shown above are the same finished size. The only difference between the two sizes is, the 2-up is a borderless finished product, whereas the 4-up has a 1/8 to 1/4 inch border around the edge depending on how close to the edge your printer can print. The 2-up bookmark also gives more room on the back to insert longer obituaries or other desired text.

Borderless printing technology has not been invented yet for small to large grade printers. Even professional printers have to cut the edges to produce a borderless product. This means you will either have to cut out your memorial bookmark with a stack or chop cutter, or buy microperfed paper that will easily tear on the perforated edges. Many medium sized funeral homes use microperfed paper. Larger funeral homes prefer the stack cutter to save time and money.

Larger memorial bookmarks are used when the obituary is long and more room is needed to fit the obituary on the back. The largest funeral bookmark that we will supply in the future is (2.75 w x 10.5 h) inches.

The front and back of your memorial bookmark is easy to create. When you are finished, the PDF generator will produce a two page document that will allow you to print on both sides of your paper resulting in a professional looking product.

(Memorial Bookmark – Front and Back)

Funeral Bookmark Example

starttoday Memorial Bookmarks

Memorial Bookmark Paper and Laminates

You can print your memorial bookmarks on any paper you want. Printing on thick paper stock will produce a longer-lasting higher-quality finished product. Laminating your memorial bookmark will preserve the life of the bookmark for a much longer period of time. Pre-sized laminant pouches are the easiest way to laminate your bookmarks and it prevents having to cut out your laminated bookmark. Most memorial bookmark laminant pouches also have rounded corners providing a nice finished look.

Background Designs

If you do find a background, please just remember the product name so you can easily find it in the application. Cover or Inside, they are interchangeable. Covers tend to be darker than the inside where you may place text but every cover can be lightened using our tools.

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