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Funeral Program Backdrops

Funeral program backdrops are plain black or white images with rounded corners and a shadow applied. The main purpose of a backdrop is to put them behind text boxes so the text is more visible if the background drowns out the text. Funeral program backdrops are found under the text tab in the Zachary Douglass application and are easy to apply. Simply click on the desired backdrop size and scale it accordingly. Most of the time they are made more transparent using the “eye” icon in the tool bar so the background shows through but the text is still visible. Masks can also be applied to them to achieve a softer faded edge or oval appearance.

Backdrops Backdrops

The funeral program shown below is a good example of how the Macon Funeral Home of North Carolina likes to use the backdrops to make text stand out better. Remember that you can control the opacity from solid white to virtually no white at all. Simply adjust the opacity until everything looks the way you want. You can also drag and drop the funeral program backdrops anywhere on the canvas

Funeral Text Backdrop Example Cover 1024x792 Backdrops

Funeral Text Backdrop Example Interior 1024x791 Backdrops

Another way to make text visible is to increase the opacity of the background itself. Under the backgrounds tab click the box the says “Edit Background” then use the “eye” icon to control the oppacity of the entire backgrounds.

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