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Funeral Poems for Father | Dad | Grandpa

Listed below are some memorial and funeral peoms for Fathers, Dads, and Grandpas that we have compiled for you. We hope they will be of use to you and help celebrate your loved ones life during the memorial service. If you would like to add any poems to our library then feel free to cantact us.

Note: We have done our best to keep track of original authors, but if you see that we have not given credit to the original author then please notify us so we can make the change. Thank you.

Funeral Poems Dad Father Grandpa

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  • Funeral Poems for Father, Dad, Grandpa

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  • Special Hero

    When I was a baby,
    you would hold me in your arms.
    I felt the love and tenderness,
    keeping me safe from harm.
    I would look up into your eyes,
    and all the love I would see.
    How did I get so lucky,
    you were the dad chosen for me.
    There is something special
    about a father’s love.
    Seems it was sent to me
    from someplace up above.
    Our love is everlasting,
    I just wanted you to know.
    That you’re my special hero
    and I wanted to tell you so.

    - Christina Kershen

  • Dad

    He never looks for praises
    He’s never one to boast
    He just goes on quietly working
    For those he loves the most
    His dreams are seldom spoken
    His wants are very few
    And most of the time his worries
    Will go unspoken too
    He’s there…. A firm foundation
    Through all our storms of life
    A sturdy hand to hold to
    In times of stress and strife
    A true friend we can turn to
    When times are good or bad
    One of our greatest blessings,
    The man that we call Dad.

    - Karen Boyer

  • God Saw He

    God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be, So He put His arms around him and whispered, “Come with Me.” With tearful eyes we watched him suffer and saw him fade away, Although we loved him dearly we could not make him stay. A golden heart stopped beating hard working hands to rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.

  • Your Spirit – A Tribute to My Father

    I know that no matter what
    You will always be with me.
    When life separates us
    I’ll know it is only your soul
    Saying goodbye to your body
    But your spirit will be with me always.
    When I see a bird chirping on a nearby branch
    I will know it is you singing to me.
    When a butterfly brushes gently by me so care freely
    I will know it is you assuring me you are free from pain.
    When the gentle fragrance of a flower catches my attention
    I will know it is you reminding me
    To appreciate the simple things in life.
    When the sun shining through my window awakens me
    I will feel the warmth of your love.
    When I hear the rain pitter patter against my window sill
    I will hear your words of wisdom
    And will remember what you taught me so well’
    That without rain trees cannot grow
    Without rain flowers cannot bloom
    Without life’s challenges I cannot grow strong.
    When I look out to the sea
    I will think of your endless love for your family.
    When I think of mountains, their majesty and magnificence
    I will think of your courage for your country.
    No matter where I am
    Your spirit will be beside me
    For I know that no matter what
    You will always be with me.

    - Tram-Tiara T. Von Reichenbach

  • A Successful Man

    That man is a success -
    who has lived well, laughed often and loved much;
    who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of
    who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;
    who leaves the world better than he found it;
    who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty or failed to
    express it.;
    who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had.

    - Author Unknown

  • My Father

    My Father was a man who had smiles to brighten your days who always made you feel good with his warm words of praise. And what’s more he knew what to do to make wishes come true. He was my Father.

    My Father was someone who always had good stories to tell, but just as importantly he knew how to be a good listener as well. He was patient and kind and the very best friend you could ever hope to find. He was no ordinary man.

    And I’m proud to tell the world that he was my Father.

    - Author Unknown

  • To My Father

    A giant pine, magnificent and old
    Stood staunch against the sky and all around
    Shed beauty, grace and power.
    Within its fold birds safely reared their young.
    The velvet ground beneath was gentle,
    and the cooling shade gave cheer to passers by.
    Its towering arms a landmark stood, erect and unafraid,
    As if to say, “Fear naught from life’s alarms”.

    It fell one day.
    Where it had dauntless stood was loneliness and void.
    But men who passed paid tribute – and said,
    “To know this life was good,
    It left it’s mark on me. Its work stands fast”.
    And so it lives. Such life no bonds can hold -
    This giant pine, magnificent and old.

    - Georgia Harkness

  • As We Look Back

    As we look back over time
    We find ourselves wondering …..
    Did we remember to thank you enough
    For all you have done for us?
    For all the times you were by our sides
    To help and support us …..
    To celebrate our successes
    To understand our problems
    And accept our defeats?
    Or for teaching us by your example,
    The value of hard work, good judgment,
    Courage and integrity?
    We wonder if we ever thanked you
    For the sacrifices you made.
    To let us have the very best?
    And for the simple things
    Like laughter, smiles and times we shared?
    If we have forgotten to show our
    Gratitude enough for all the things you did,
    We’re thanking you now.
    And we are hoping you knew all along,
    How much you meant to us.
    - Author Unknown

  • Memories of Grandpa

    The love we have for Granddad
    Will never fade away.
    We’ll think of him, our special friend
    Throughout each passing day.
    We’ll walk into the room
    And see his empty chair;
    Although we know he’s resting,
    We’ll feel his presence there.
    The memories of his laughter,
    His warm and loving smile,
    His eyes so full of happiness,
    His heart that of a child.
    Memories are forever
    Be they laughter or of tears,
    Memories we will treasure
    Through all the forthcoming years.

    - Author Unknown

  • Grandpa in Time

    Grandpa, you were just a boy,
    So many years ago.
    You had your loves and had your dreams,
    You watched us come and go.

    You watched us make the same mistakes,
    That you had made before,
    But that just made you hold us tight,
    And love us all the more.

    We haven’t always thought about
    The things that you have seen.
    To us you’ve just been ‘Grandpa’,
    No thought of who you’ve been.

    But we remember now in love,
    Your life from start to end,
    And we’re just glad we knew you,
    As Grandpa, and as Friend.

    - Author Unknown

  • He is Gone

    You can shed tears that he is gone,
    Or you can smile because he lived,
    You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back,
    Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left.
    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him
    Or you can be full of the love that you shared,
    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
    You can remember him and only that he is gone
    Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on,
    You can cry and close your mind be empty and
    turn your back,
    Or you can do what he would want:
    smile, open your eyes, love and go on.
    - David Harkins

  • Grandfather

    Weep not for me though I am gone into that gentle night.
    Grieve if you will, but not for long upon my soul’s sweet flight.
    I am at peace, my soul’s at rest
    There is no need for tears.
    For with your love I was so blessed.
    For all those many years.
    There is no pain, I suffer not,
    The fear now all is gone.
    Put now these things out of your thoughts,
    In your memory I live on.
    Remember not my fight for breath
    Remember not the strife.
    Please do not dwell upon my death,
    But celebrate my life.
    - Author Unknown

  • Our Father Kept a Garden

    Our Father kept a garden.
    A garden of the heart;
    He planted all the good things,
    That gave our lives their start.
    He turned us to the sunshine,
    And encouraged us to dream:
    Fostering and nurturing
    The seeds of self-esteem.

    And when the winds and rain came,
    He protected us enough;
    But not too much because he knew
    We would stand up strong and tough.

    His constant good example,
    Always taught us right from wrong;
    Markers for our pathway that will last
    a lifetime long.

    We are our Fathers garden,
    We are his legacy.
    Thank you Dad we love you.
    - Author Unknown

  • Father

    He never made a fortune, or a noise
    In the world where men are seeking after fame;
    But he had a healthy brood of girls and boys
    Who loved the very ground on which he trod.
    They thought him just little short of God;
    Oh you should have heard the way they said his name –

    There seemed to be a loving little prayer
    In their voices, even when they called him ‘Dad.’
    Though the man was never heard of anywhere,
    As a hero, yet somehow understood
    He was doing well his part and making good;
    And you knew it, by the way his children had
    Of saying ‘Father.’

    He gave them neither eminence nor wealth,
    But he gave them blood untainted with a vice,
    And opulence of undiluted health.
    He was honest, and unpurchable and kind;
    He was clean in heart, and body, and in mind.
    So he made them heirs to riches without price –
    This father.

    He never preached or scolded; and the rod –
    Well, he used it as a turning pole in play.
    But he showed the tender sympathy of God.
    To his children in their troubles, and their joys.
    He was always chum and comrade with his boys,
    And his daughters – oh, you ought to hear them say

    Now I think of all achievements ‘tis the least
    To perpetuate the species; it is done

  • What Makes a Dad

    God took the strength of a mountain,
    The majesty of a tree,
    The warmth of a summer sun,
    The calm of a quiet sea,
    The generous soul of nature,
    The comforting arm of night,
    The wisdom of the ages,
    The power of the eagle’s flight,
    The joy of a morning in spring,
    The faith of a mustard seed,
    The patience of eternity,
    The depth of a family need,
    Then God combined these qualities,
    When there was nothing more to add,
    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
    And so, He called it … “DAD!”

    - Author Unknown

  • My Father, My Father

    My father, my father,
    I love he,
    my father, my father,
    made me see,
    how beautiful this world really can be.
    My father, my father,
    said to me,
    my daughter my daughter,
    come see me,
    I wont be around forever,
    and I have things that must be.
    My father, my father,
    dont die on me.
    - Dakota Ellerton

  • Dad

    We’ll always remember
    that special smile,
    that caring heart,
    that warm embrace,
    you always gave us.
    You being there
    for Mom and us
    through good and bad times,
    no matter what.
    We’ll always remember
    you Dad because
    they’ll never be another one
    to replace you in our hearts,
    and the love we will always
    have for you.
    - Anon

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