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Hello, I created an amazing obituary for my Uncle Charles using Zachary Douglass’s wonderful sight. My uncle was so very loved that we didn’t want just any old obituary we wanted something outstanding to show the world how much me loved him and the Zachary Douglass website allowed this to happen for us. On top of this they have wonderful customer service. What more could we have asked for at our time of mourning like this??? We would like to thank the guy Bruce for the patience and support that he gave us during our time of bereavement and assistance in helping us create the best obituary!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

-Taneasha Worth, Detroit, Michigan

“Zachary Douglass has been a great asset to our funeral home. What has impressed me the most has been the ZD Photo Editor. The program is very user friendly. The ZD application helps make my printed materials look like I spent hours upon hours specifically for that family. If you ever really get stuck, the customer service at Zachary Douglass is there to help. It is not uncommon for me to make a whole program from start to finish in less than 10 minutes.”

- John Perkes, Colonial Funeral Homes

“I spent many hours searching the internet for funeral program templates that would allow me to have a customized background as well as more flexibility than the standard and free templates available did.  Zachary Douglass has the best template I could find.  The online formatting and saving, and  the formatting tools are very easy to work with, and the funeral program came out looking very professional, with all the photos and personalized my family and I wanted!  A far cry from the standard circular photo with basic type on the front. Thanks so much Zachary Douglass, especially for offering a product that was easy to use at a time when I needed it most.”

- Krysta Johnson, Hawaii

“I have been searching for so long to find a “great” memorial folder that uses life themes layered with sentimental and emotional photos from the client families that I serve. These Zachary Douglass folders have unbelievable impact. My families just cannot believe that we can produce such high end work. What makes it even better is that it comes with the ability to save my text layouts, which makes typing in the details of the folder super easy. The cost factor is also important to me. I don’t have to inventory stacks and stacks of folders that I may or may not use. I just select a template with the family and then fill in the information that goes on the inside, and then print. Thanks Zachary Douglass. YOU make me look good.”

- Jared Clinger, Colonial Funeral Homes

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